🎉 The inaugural Radass Sunday is coming soon. 🎉 
Drop your email address, below, for the official announcement and your invitation to join. 👇

The best Sundays are Radass Sundays.

Attention, Radass Yogi (that's you 💯)!

You're invited to join me for free, live yoga—online—every Sunday at 12 p.m., ET. No toothbrushing, required. Plus, you'll get first dibs on where to roll out your mat, every time. Guaranteed. And, parking's a breeze.

Just sign up for my newsletter, Love Letters, and I'll email you a unique link every Sunday morning for that day's class. Drop your detes, below, and I'll see you in the (virtual) studio.

What to know before class …

If you find yoga studios a little intimidating, don't fret. The Radass Yogi Studio is the chillest, friendliest and—dare I say—raddest studio, this side of the Internet.

What to expect:

  • You'll receive your free pass for class, via email, each Sunday morning before noon (ET).
  • As of now, classes will last 40 minutes, with a strong possibility for 60- to 90-minute classes in the near future.
  • If the Radass Yogi Studio is empty, as of 12:10 p.m., ET, Radass Sunday will be canceled for that day.
  • If you want to expand your circle of yogi friends, arrive on time for a few minutes of pre-class chit-chat and possibly to determine the best/worst case of bedhead amongst us. 💁‍♀️ We'll start class by 12:05 p.m., ET.
  • Our studio is hosted by webinar software. That means you'll join a virtual room where you can see and hear me, Shannon, and all of your fellow classmates—just like in real life. (You'll have the option to turn off your camera and microphone, if you don't want to be seen/heard, yourself.)
  • ... but, leave your camera on for improved cues from me. I won't call you out for mistakes, but seeing you helps me deliver better instructions. I truly don't care if you arrive in P.J.s. I might do the same. Plus, it's nice to see your face!

Class rules:

  • No promotion, solicitation or recording of any kind. Radass Sundays are a sacred space, strictly for making friends and getting yogafied.
  • Show up when you can, skip class if you can't. You'll be missed, but NBD.
  • Absolutely ZERO phones. BD! Leave your device outside of the virtual studio—that means out of sight—in silent mode. This is for you and your fellow Radass Yogis. We're sharing an experience, people. You'll thank me, later.
  • Keep your computer's microphone muted once class begins. I'll remind you.
  • Please, invite your friends. They can be in the room with you, no sweat. (Actually, maybe some sweat.) If they want to join from a different location, please don't share your class pass. Instead, invite them to sign up for their own. Thank you. xo

What to bring:

  • A friendly vibe
  • Space (enough to wear your biggest smile, to stand tall with your arms overhead, to stretch your arms out wide, and to lay down with your arms and legs extended)
  • Yoga mat (not totally essential, but recommended)

Totes Optional:

  • One or two blocks (substitute with books and even, in some cases, large soup cans)
  • Strap (or a belt, dog leash or scarf)
  • Towel (yoga, beach or bathroom)
  • Bolster (or a firm pillow)
  • A blanket (can be used for extra cushioning or, rolled, as a support; it's also a nice option for savasana)

Your invitation to break the “no phones” rule:

Don't you just love a good loophole? SAME. The snag: please, leave your phone on silent, and ONLY use it at the beginning or end of class to snap a quick pic. Perhaps a yoga selfie, or maybe a pic of your spot* on the floor ...

Then, connect with your new yoga fam after class, IVL (in virtual life), using #radasssundays on IG. Tag @radassyogi, so I can holler atcha, too.

*Respect your classmates' practice, and leave their faces out-of-frame. K?


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I actually get to class? Technology confounds me, even in my brightest moments.

You can totally do this. I use Zoom to host Radass Sundays. Here's a one-minute, how-to video to help.

But WHEN will the email arrive, though?

Don't sweat it, man. (There's no sweating allowed until class begins.) Your email will arrive no later than 11:59 a.m., ET.

Will a recording be available, afterward?

Nope. Think of Radass Sundays just like a live, local class.

What style of yoga do you teach on Radass Sundays?

The radass kind. 😉 Ohhh, not specific enough? Radass Sundays will usually feature Hatha-based or vinyasa-style yoga. Though classes may vary, my teaching style is consistent: we'll use strength and endurance work to create heat in the body, with an emphasis on the breath, which helps quiet the mind, release allllllll of that tension and work out any bodily kinks.

I'm not flexible, like, at all. Will I be able to do this?

You don't have to be an advanced yogi to join this class—there's no pretzeling, required. #🚫🥨! We'll work, no doubt, but there'll be plenty of options to adjust the intensity. If you're self-conscious, you can always turn off your webcam.

Can I show up late or leave early?

Ballsy, but I like it. Go 'head, yogi. Just keep in mind that you need to be sure that you've adequately warmed yourself up and, if a class is empty, it's canceled as of 12:10 p.m., ET. Oh, and be courteous—keep your mic muted so as not to disturb a class that's in progress.

Can we PLEASE work on [insert your favorite thing here]?

I like your enthusiasm, yogi, and I hope you'll drop a note in my suggestion box. Let me know what, in your book, would make Sundays the radass-iest.

I have a health issue, and I'm not sure if I should try yoga. Help?

Please (please) ask your doctor before you try yoga. I'm not a medical professional, and I'm unqualified to advise you. Get an expert's opinion to determine what's best for you.

Got some other question, concern or piece of feedback?

You can write me here. If you're nice and have a specific question, I'll be sure to reply.