What’s a Radass Yogi, anyway?

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TL;DR – It’s all about love and light. Go figure.

If you’re new to the term “radass”, allow me to share my favorite definition from Urban Dictionary: “Excellence of its own kind” … or, in other words, doing you.

A Radass Yogi marches to the beat of her/his own heart. We aren’t wannabes (because we do what we want) or posers (unless you mean the literal kind because—heck yeah—we’re all about that asana).

We practice yoga to feel good. Plain and simple. Because when you feel your best, it alters the way you see things and, consequently, it elevates the way that you show up in the world. You give better, you live better. Everyone wins. Share on Twitter

To hang with us, you don’t have to be an acrobat or spend a month’s salary on high-tech, moisture-wicking, galactic pants. It doesn’t matter if your favorite meal is barbecued ribs with a side of whiskey. You’re welcome, here, even if you’ll never use essential oils or arrange crystals in the moonlight. And, it’s totally cool if you take a hard pass on intermixing spirituality with your asana practice or chanting “Om”. (Though, we don’t judge if you do any—or all—of the above.)

The Radass Yogi vibe is very much “live, and let live”. To fit in, all you really need is a kind heart, an open mind and a little swagger. You’ll know you’re exercising your true Radass Yogi self when:

1. You release expectation in favor of curiosity.

You recognize that every moment on the mat (and in life) offers fresh possibilities. As such, you approach every action with an open mind: “Can I do this? Is this possible for me? Let’s see!”

Maybe, today’s the day you unlock the next level of your practice, mindfully pushing your yogic edge out another quarter-inch. Maybe not. So, you release expectation and give The Thing a try.

The result?

It doesn’t matter! You’ll give it another try, soon, for the sheer joy of the experience. Which leads us to …

2. You see that most of this is play, even if it’s work.

In other words, perfection isn’t the point. It’s the practice that inches you closer and closer to your goal that is. The magic is in the moment, so there’s no need to rush things or overdo it. Just enjoy yourself! No matter where you’re at, you’re already a radass. Got that?

3. You know that shining bright is a public service.

Look, I didn’t plan this, but perhaps there’s no coincidence that the abbreviation for “Radass Yogi” is R.A.Y. … a beam of light.

You know your worth (and that the world needs it), so you go full sparkle. You do YOU. And, it’s great because the more we shine, the brighter this place’ll be. So crank it up, yogi. Blind us with your flavor of excellence. Share on Twitter

4. You got nothin’ but love.

It’s not essential that you listen to Tupac (unless he’s on my playlist for class), but what is essential is leading from the heart.

Know that life isn’t a zero-sum game, and cheer on your fellow humans in their victories. Let people in. Leave things as you found them (or better). That means return your damn shopping cart. Make eye contact, and smile. Try to respond more than you react. Practice acceptance (even when someone doesn’t return their damn shopping cart).

You won’t always get it right, but, every time you do, it makes the world better. And, it’s much easier when you give yourself the same gift—love.

Stay curious. Play. Shine bright. Spread love.

If that all sounds acceptable, then I highly suspect that you’re a fellow radass. ? So, how about dropping into class, sometime, and hanging out? I’d love to meet you.

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