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This is the start. I’m not sure of what, but I can’t wait to find out. Three things I know today:

  1. If you need it, be it. Be a friend. Be part of a community. Be help, kindness, excitement or joy. Be healthy. Be transparent. And, most importantly, be love. When you start being these things, instead of searching for them? That’s when you finally find them. Remember this the next time you’re in a funk.
  2. Ignore critics. You can waste a lot of time and energy (and destroy yourself in the process) when you live to please others. The old saying, “You can’t please everybody.” is spot-on. So, as long as you’re not being an asshole
    Stop hiding, and just be who you are. Shine without explaining yourself. If you’re looking for someone to please, look in the mirror. Share on Twitter
  3. You have more power than you think. You can’t control what’s outside of yourself—not people, not nature, not the chaos of events that unfold in the universe—but, most days, you can control how you feel in the moment. If you find yourself in the middle of a storm, don’t let the waves pull you under. Find a dry perch, and scan the horizon. Then, map out your flight to calm, beautiful waters. Find a spot where you feel safe and happy. Where you can play. Where your people are. Head towards joy.

I will try to write weekly. Join me? I’d love to meet you in the comments.

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  1. Hey Shannon- FYI, this came up at the perfect time in my Google alerts. You don’t know how much I needed your first post. I’ll be reading. Keep it up and we’ll be chatting on here I’m sure.

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      Ha! A second Shannon Love. Confusing, but I like it. 🙂

      And how perfect that you’re the first comment! Thank you for saying hello. I’m so glad to connect.

  2. Thanks a million for the tips. #1 especially goes out the window when stress kicks in, so I may just pop it on a post-it on my desk for future reference. Love love loooove your colorful blog. Thanks again Shannon!

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