What’s a Radass Yogi, anyway?

Hi, I'm Shannon.

Hi, I'm Shannon, founder of Radass Yogi™.

If you’re new to the term “radass”, allow me to share my favorite definition from Urban Dictionary: “Excellence of its own kind” … or, in other words, doing you.

A Radass Yogi marches to the beat of her/his own heart. We aren’t wannabes (because we do what we want) or posers (unless you mean the literal kind because—heck yeah—we’re all about that asana).

We practice yoga to feel good. Plain and simple. Because when you feel your best, it alters the way you see things and, consequently, it elevates the way that you show up in the world. You give better, you live better. Everyone wins.

To hang with us, you don’t have to be an acrobat or spend a month’s salary on high-tech, moisture-wicking, galactic pants. It doesn’t matter if your favorite meal is barbecued ribs with a side of whiskey. You’re welcome, here, even if you’ll never use essential oils or arrange crystals in the moonlight. And, it’s totally cool if you take a hard pass on intermixing spirituality with your asana practice or chanting “Om”. (Though, we don’t judge if you do any—or all—of the above.)

The Radass Yogi vibe is very much “live, and let live”. To fit in, all you really need is a kind heart, an open mind and a little swagger. Read more.

And, Me? Well …

I'm a writer and 500-hour certified yoga teacher with an MBA, who started out as a graphic designer. Clearly, I’ve got this career thing all figured out. After squeezing my life into a series of shoebox apartments in London, New York, Boston, San Diego and Fort Lauderdale—places that this Missourian never planned to live—I’m settled, for now, in Fort Myers, Florida.

Moving as much as I have leaves you in a constant state of starting. It’s exhilarating but challenging. There’s a lot of life-Tetris. For example, how on earth will all of my shoes fit into this eentsy closet? How will big-city rent fit into my budget? How do I fit in with these people?

With so much of my attention focused on how to fit, I neglected to make space for who I want to be, and life felt small. That’s when I stopped looking outside of myself and started listening inward, instead. And, gloriously, things began to expand.

The more space I made, the happier (and more radass) I became ... which is why I fell hard for yoga. There’s nothing better than working up a sweat and tuning out the world as you savor every inhale and exhale—making space in your body for breath and movement, space in your mind for peace and calmness, and space in your day to connect with yourself.

And, if you'd care to unleash your inner radass, yoga happens to be one of the best methods I've found. Join me?

Grab a spot on the floor. We'll melt away the challenges of the day and push our bodies to feel a little (or a lot) better than when we started, with lots of modifications so that you get just what you need.

See you on the mat.


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